Two Classic Clock Choices

Not just for telling time quite in a public space, wall mounted timepieces should always look attractive. And a small pendulum clock has that ability to create the illusion that while old father time continues to loom, it is never imposing. For all intents and purposes, most folks, whether it is for their business setting or place of residence, would not be able to afford a well and truly classic timepiece.

small pendulum clock

And yet that suggestion is insistently being made here. And given that it is entirely possible to create that classic illusion without breaking the bank, why not indeed. What defines a classic timepiece in many instances would be the use of Roman numerals. Most folks should be quite familiar with these by now. And the Roman numerals will only be going as far as the number twelve anyhow. So, let’s just say that there is no need to lose track of time in not understanding the digits.

The pendulum is there too. It strikes by the hour, just like the heavy gong installed to the old grandfather clock and the Big Ben. Or the famous clock that harks the new year. Two affordable suggestions for wall mounting purposes then. These would be Timeworks’ Bartolini Pendulum and an apparently popular Bond Street wall clock. Both come with at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

And both wall clocks have Roman numerals as its features. And both clocks are also running on a Quartz movement. The Bartolini is encased with a cast brass outer rim and its Roman numerals are set into a clear cream face. And its pendulum swings gently.  The Bond Street wall clock runs on batteries. Two or three savings then. Time. Money. And power. But in essence, the Bond clock is a statement of power from a different era and quarter.

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