What will women’s habits be in the morning?

You change the habit of beauty from the inside out to bring lasting benefits and on a more beautiful with the 8 habits here.

1. Use the antioxidant serum

After washing the face every morning before using moisturizer or makeup, you should use the antioxidant serum as vitamin C and E, which help protect the skin from premature aging due to free radicals caused when your skin exposed to UV rays, pollution or stress at work. Antioxidants are the good effects than sunscreen, helps the skin bright and smooth.

2. Additional protein

If you think that simply eating breakfast quietly with little fruit or yogurt … then you were wrong. A recent study shows the full breakfast with protein will provide energy for you, you will not feel hungry and craving to eat more after that. These include protein-rich food group: meat, poultry, fish; milk and dairy products; the egg; tofu; vegetables (including dried beans).

3. Sunscreen

The part in the important beauty routines every morning is to use sunscreen. Remember to use sunscreen in the murky days. In addition, there are many beauty products also have SPF helps you protect the skin. So please remember to use sunscreen and used for both the parts of the skin in the position you will probably forget the eyes, lips, neck and back of hands

4. Drink a large glass of filtered water

This may sound all too familiar. So you should start a new day with a cup of water filter. Dehydration or lack of water will cause the skin to become bad and less fresh after sleep.

5. Physical activity

According to the results of the study showed that women who exercise in the morning will have better sleep at night. That good sleep is also very important to the health and beauty of you. Thus, despite how busy trying up to the new timetable, spend 15 minutes each morning to exercise. Regular exercise in a week early, you will begin to get familiar.

6. Select priority citrus

You should select the type of perfume or body lotion has a citrus scent to start a new day. The study shows that citrus scent will help you reduce stress even the enhance immune function in the body.

7. Mineral water Sprays for the face

Keep a spray bottle of mineral deposits for the face in the fridge and start the day with the cool trickle, the face will be offering the following moisture night sleep. When mineral sprays also helps reduce eye puffiness and brings fresh new feeling, awake for you to start your day.

8. Drink green tea

Caffeine is a substance in green tea are more organic if you need a drink for the morning filled with excitement, the green tea is the perfect suggestion for. Green tea contains antioxidants, which can slow down the process of cell damage, can even reduce the risk of certain cancers. In addition, green tea is considered good medicine article helps reduce fatigue, weight loss, and good digestion.

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