Why Young Chaps Need A Belt Buckle

Young chaps grow up so fast these days. One moment they are under your wing, and the next moment, all they want to do is just fly away and be as free as a bird. It is called feathering the nest. But while the young chaps are still growing up, they still want to feel like they’re special. Many of them want to be able to prance about as though they are the men of the town. A belt buckle does the trick. Along with the rest of their gap, the belt buckle becomes a standout accessory for their everyday wear.

And tear. Yes, many of the boys still want to do that. They want to tear about the place. Not necessarily like wild animals, so thank goodness for that. More than likely like cowboys on the prairie. So give them a boys western belt buckle so that they can buckle up good and proper and saddle up and ride into the sunset looking as dashing as they feel. Of course, there seems to be something missing. No belt, no belt buckle. What is the use of that then? So, that’s it then. A belt. But not just any old belt will do.

boys western belt buckle

It must surely be a leather belt. But not too thick mind you. The boy might tell you otherwise, but he is not yet thickset and strong and sturdy. So you don’t want a belt, and buckle for that matter, that is too heavy for the still light as a feather Bronco Billy little cowboy. A boy’s belt buckle is just that. It might be Western styled and all that, but it’s still kids sized. And what about the big boys that never want to grow up? Well, there’s big sizes for them too.